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Just Passin' Through

Sam shares the story of Cain & Abel highlighting our heart posture and how we must hold things loosely in order to honour God above all things.


Bryony shares about what Sabbath means to us today and how the bible defines the difference between working in "toil" and working amongst abundance.

Foundation for Kingdom Effectiveness

Ralph & Cathy Gomez are guest speakers for the evening. Cathy shared about stopping for the "one" with stories about how God calls us to be love and healing for other people - seeing the one that he sees. Ralph shares a biblical foundation for all Christians to have to be effective in God's kingdom.

Creating Space for God's Presence

Nathan Thomas shares about the importance of creating space for God's presence as a part of how we approach our everyday life.


Heather shares about this month's theme of Faith. What does the bible say about Faith and how we are supposed to live and rid ourselves of a fear mindset and start living as Jesus lived.

The Kingdom, Our Mandate

Heather shares on this month's theme about the Kingdom of God.


Phil Read shares about what the bible says the church is and the importance of gathering together in unity to pray and see God's Kingdom.

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